Gun Range Advisory Board

The city council established the “Jacksboro Gun Range Advisory Board.” by Ordinance O-09-2021 on 6-28-21.


(1)     The board shall meet when required or at other times as the board shall so decide.
(2)     Board members are expected to regularly attend meetings. Members who miss three consecutive meetings without board approval may be deemed to have vacated board membership. The city council, upon receiving verification of such absences from the board, may fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. Council may deem grounds for removal for any board members who miss six or more meetings during their appointment, whether excused or unexcused by the board.
(3)     A quorum for the purpose of conducting business shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members.

Membership, appointment and organization.

(1)     The board is established for the purpose of recommending and advising council regarding decisions in relation to the potential creation and management of a public gun range.
(2)     The board will meet on an as-needed basis.
(3)     The board will serve as a recommending, advisory board to the council.
(4)     The board shall procure information and make recommendations on the creation of policies, programs or procedures to the city council for consideration and/or adoption or approval.
(5)     The board shall be composed of eight (8) qualified members.
(6)     The board shall be appointed or reappointed to terms of two (2) years. Appointments shall be staggered so that only one-half of the commission is appointed each year. City council appointments shall be made at the first regular city council meeting in June with terms starting on July 1st and ending on June 30th.
(7)     Vacancies for unexpired terms shall be made in the same manner as regular appointments. Appointments to vacancies shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.
(8)     Following adoption of this subchapter and at their first meeting, the board members shall elect by nomination and majority vote a chairperson and vice chairperson who shall serve in that capacity until the city council considers appointments or reappointments to the board each June.




City Alderman, also serving as ChairmanBrandon Sisson
Jack County CitizenBilly Thompson
County CommissionerHenry Birdwell
Jack County CitizenDwain Milam
Secuirty Professional and Military Gun Range DeveloperTrip McIngvale
Police ChiefScott Haynes
City ManagerMichael R. Smith
Attorney, serving in an advisory capacityAn Lee Hsu