Planning & Zoning Commission

Application to Planning and Zoning


  • The Planning and Zoning Commission meets when it has business
  • Council Chambers in City Hall
    112 West Belknap
    Jacksboro, TX 76458
The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) is a board appointed by City Council and its purpose is to act as an advisory board on all matters relating to zoning, city planning and development applications.

The Commission’s primary function is the preparation of the City’s Zoning Ordinance and to keep it updated to ensure orderly growth and preserve the unique character of the community. The Commission has the power and duty to make and recommend for adoption a master plan, as a whole, or in parts, for the future development and redevelopment of this municipality and those areas within its extraterritorial jurisdiction, and to prepare a comprehensive plan and ordinance for planning and zoning of the city in accordance with Texas Local Government Code §2111 et seq., and Jacksboro Code of Ordinances CHAPTER 33 DEPARTMENTS, BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS, as amended. The Commission shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by state law or ordinances passed by the City Council.

A quorum is required to conduct business and the Commission meets in public forum.

NUMBER OF MEMBERS: 5 Regular Members and 2 Alternates

TERM OF OFFICE: 2 year term with no term limits

QUALIFICATIONS: Commissioners must be qualified voters and residents of the City and shall remain eligible to vote during their tenure on the Commission.


Board Position

Place 1 & Serving as Chairman
Place 2
Place 3
Place 4
Place 5

Alternate 1:
Alternate 2:

Board Member/TERM expiration

Jim Whitsitt / 2024
Leslie Chalmers / 2023
Patti Zuber / 2024
Jessica Gass / 2023
Redonna Pulis / 2024

Don Hopkins / 2024
Leslie Holman / 2023