Steps 4, 5 & 6

Step 4: Field Investigation

Compliance staff will conduct a field investigation to:
  • Document code violations through notes, photographs, interviews, etc.
  • If possible, discuss the situation with the property owner, occupant, or other responsible person:
    • Methods for complying with the code
    • Nature of the environmental code violation
    • Potential consequences for failure to comply
    • Timelines for environmental code compliance
  • Verify the existence and severity of the environmental code violations

Step 5: Filing a Report

Upon completion of the field investigation, staff will prepare an investigation report, which will include:
  • Action necessary to correct the violation
  • Environmental code violation(s) observed and evidence, if any, obtained (e.g. photographs)
  • Date, time, and place of the field visit
  • Discussion, if any, with owner, occupant, or other responsible person
  • If no code violation is observed, an explanation
  • Recommended enforcement action and timeline
  • Witnesses, if any, interviewed

Step 6: Notice of Violation Letter

When staff determines there are reasonable grounds to believe a violation did or does occur, a notice of violation (NOV) letter is sent to the property owner and each person who is or may be responsible for the alleged violation. A follow-up for compliance is required after the compliance date that is listed on the NOV.