Steps 1, 2 & 3

Step 1: Receiving the Complaint

 The code compliance officer routinely monitors all areas of the city for environmental violations. If you as a citizen have a complaint, please contact Star Kinder by calling (940) 567-2131 Ext: 1202 in order for the department to generate paperwork to begin an investigation into the violation.

Step 2: Assessing the Situation

Enforcement staff will determine the appropriate timeline for investigating the complaint based on several criteria:
  • Current compliance caseload
  • Priority ranking of the violation
  • The type of alleged violation

Step 3: Research

At the beginning of each investigation, the following is established:
  • Identification of applicable code provisions – Compliance staff will identify the pertinent regulations that may have been violated according to the complaint.
  • Other potential responsible persons – In addition to the person listed below, other persons potentially responsible for the alleged code violation(s) will be identified such as tenants.
  • Prior complaint history – Compliance staff will review city records to determine the existence and status of any prior or existing code violations for the subject property or the alleged violator.
  • Property ownership – All persons with a recorded legal interest in the subject property will be identified, including the owners, contract purchasers, lessees, lien holders, etc.
If staff determines, at this point, that reasonable grounds do exist, the case will be further investigated and move on to step four.