Additional Common Code Violations

Stagnant Water

The city prohibits stagnant or other impure and unwholesome matter of any kind on any real property, including sidewalks.

Address Numbers

By the city's Code of Ordinances, residents are required to have address numbers that are visible from the street to be displayed on the front of all property.

Private Swimming Pools & Spas

All swimming pool or spa owners within the city are required to maintain the property in a condition so as to not create a public health or safety hazard or a nuisance to the general public. The owner must maintain water clarity, so that all parts of the pool bottom can be seen.

Overhanging Limbs / Trees / Bushes

Trees, shrubs, and plants shall not create an obstruction over sidewalks, streets, or alleys and shall not block the view of any traffic sign or intersection.

Building Conditions

The exterior of a structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound, and sanitary, so as not to pose a threat to the public health, safety, and welfare.