Bulk Trash Collection


Waste Connections picks up bulk trash every 2nd and 4th THURSDAY of each month by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Residents will need to call Waste Connections at
1-877-592-5030 within 24 hours before the 2nd and 4th Thursday with address, contact information and description of pick up items

bulk trash:

Items removed from a resident's home or lot as described in the following list: 

  • Sofa Couch
  • Table
  • Chair, Mattress
  • Box Springs
  • Stove
  • Dryer
  • Refrigerator (Freon removed)
  • A/C Unit (Freon removed)
  • Lawn Mower or Lawn Equipment (oil and gas removed)
  • Brush (cut to 4 ft. lengths, bundled tied and each bundle has to weigh 40 lbs. or less, limited to 8 bundles)

bulky items:

Any item not measuring in excess of forty-eight (48) inches in length or forty (40) pounds in weight, including but limited to refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, water tanks, chairs, couches and other similar house hold items.

excluded items:

Lumber   Bricks   Sheetrock
Roofing   Sand    Gravel
Stone      Tile

And all building material waste from construction, alteration or remodeling of any building.

TELEVISIONS: Please call 1-800-253-2687

Untreated medical waste, liquid waste, tires, oil filters, batteries, petroleum products and by-products and/or explosive materials, or any landfill prohibited materials.  Including Freon-charged appliances unless they have been processed in accordance with law by certified technicians and proof of such processing provided.  In the event such solid waste and/or products found in the disposal containers Waste Connections is not required to collect the same and/or the containers in which the solid waste and/or waste products are locate and shall notify the City within forty-eight (48) hours of discovery of same.  In such event, it shall be responsibility of the customer to have such waste and/or products removed from the containers and disposed of.