Driving Safety Course

Defensive Driving

Per state law, drivers licensed in Texas have the opportunity to take a driving safety course (DSC) once a year to dismiss certain types of traffic citations. You may take a DSC if:
  • Your citation is for a “rules of the road” violation (for example, speeding, stop signs, red lights, and seat belts), for violating a warning sign or a barricade, or if you are 17 years old and younger and accused of most any violation of the Transportation Code
  • You do not have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • You enter a plea of guilty or no contest and request DSC on or before the appearance date
  • You have a valid Texas Class C driver’s license
  • You have current insurance
  • You have not taken DSC to have a citation dismissed in the year prior to the date of your citation
  • You pay the DSC fee (instead of the price of the citation) of $100

How to Request

A DSC course can be requested by mail or in person at the court. 

City of Jacksboro - Municipal Court
112 West Belknap
Jacksboro, TX 76458

Please be sure to include your citation number on all correspondence with the court.

Completion Process

After you have signed up, you will have 90 days to submit to the court your DSC completion certificate and a certified copy of your driving record from the Department of Public Safety. The court staff will provide detailed information regarding these submissions to you when you sign up. Please call (940) 567-6321 with any questions.