Animal Surrender

Dog Relinquish

If you think you need to relinquish your pet because of your circumstances or due to an issue with the animal, please consider the decision carefully. If you decide you must surrender your pet to the shelter, be aware that the shelter will take over all ownership rights and responsibilities for the animal immediately and you will no longer retain ownership rights to that animal. That is why it is so important to consider your decision carefully. 

The Dr. Paul and Harriett Lillard Memorial Jacksboro Animal Shelter is an open-intake facility for animals within the jurisdiction of the City of Jacksboro. The open intake is contingent upon available space in the shelter. Intake from citizens may be refused at any time to ensure proper housing and care of the animals. 

To discuss relinquishing or learn of other options available that may better fit the situation please contact Jacksboro City Hall at 940-567-6321 and ask to speak with the Animal Control Officer.  

Relinquish Fees

The fees for dog relinquishment are:

  • $20 per dog inside the city limits
  • $30 per dog outside the city limits