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Building Requirements
Building Codes
All Federal, State and local requirements are applicable to projects constructed within the City's jurisdiction whether specifically listed or not.  The City of Jacksboro, Texas has adopted the following codes and/or standards regulating building construction.
    • 2009 Edition of the International Building Code
    • 2009 Edition of the International Fire Code
    • 2009 Edition of the International Fuel Gas Code
    • 2009 Edition of the International Electrical Code
    • 2009 Edition of the International Mechanical Code
    • 2009 Edition of the International Plumbing Code
    • 2009 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code
    • 2009 Edition of the International Residential Code

    Subtitling references to the 2006 International codes where applicable and with amendments.

    Building Permits
    Before a building permit will be approved, all plans and documents related to the permit application MUST be approved by the Building Department Tyler Batey and/or Bureau Veritas.  ALL Contractors performing work within the City of Jacksboro jurisdiction must be registered with the City and provide proof of commercial general liability insurance for claims of property damage or bodily injury.

    No construction on a project may begin before a permit is obtained.  Permit fee will double if work begins prior to obtaining a permit, and may be fined any sum not to exceed $2,000.00.

    All permits MUST be prominently posted at site for the entire duration of the project.

    Please contact Tyler Batey at 940-229-4498 for permit information or to request inspections and/ or Bureau Veritas to request inspection(s). Inspection requests received by 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday will be performed the next business day. Inspection requests may also be faxed to the Bureau Veritas office. 

        Inspection Request Line: (817) 335-8111 / Toll-free: (877)837-8775
        Inspection FAX Line:        (817)335-8110 / Toll -free FAX line: (877)837-8859

    Inspections may also be requested by calling the City of Jacksboro at 940-567-6321.

    Residential Permit Application
    Commercial Permit Application
    Registration Form For Contractors