Garbage Removal Charges

Type of Container Fee
Residential Polycarts $22.81
Additional Residential Polycarts $8.56
Commercial Polycarts $30.46

Commercial Containers

Type of Container One Day a Week Collection Fee Two Day a Week Collection Fee
2 yards (one 2-yard commercial container) $97.55 $175.10
4 yards (two 2-yard commercial containers) $146.63 $262.17
6 yards (three, 2-yard commercial containers) $198.86 $357.15
8 yards (four, 2-yard commercial containers) $246.33 $442.62

​Bulk Trash 

Waste Connections picks up bulk trash items every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Residents will need to call Waste Connections at 1-877-592-5030 with in 24 hours before the 2nd or 4th Thursday with address, contact information and a description of items to be picked up. 

Items need to be at the curb for pick up by 7am on the date of pick up.

Example: Sofa/Couch, Table, Chair, Mattress, Box Springs, Stove, Dryer, Refrigerator (freon removed), A/C Unit (freon removed), Lawn mower, Bagged items (no food), Brush (cut into 4ft lengths and tied into bundles). 

No Tires, building materials, lumber, roofing materials, gravel, brick, rock, tile, or food.

​Trash Trailer rental

Week day rental (24 hours)  $100
Week-end rental (Friday - Monday)  $200

Construction material has an upcharge.  

Please call City Hall 940-567-6321 for more information and scheduling.